Strippers: Cars for Cash Promo Image

Now listen to me, you little mob and do yourselves a right favour. Hold your noise for 5 minutes or you’ll be getting a visit from someone in my firm.

My name is Frankie Oatway and you may have seen my boat on the telly recently on Strippers: Cars for Cash.

I betcha your thinking, who does this lairy London gangster think he is sticking his chest out and bowling about like Charlie Big Spuds, with one of those pony websites.

Stripper Cars for Cash - Frankie OatwayWell, I’ll tell ya shall I. If it’s good enough for Robert De Niro, then it’s good enough for me! So I want you to ‘av a pipe with your minces at my website and enjoy yourselves, or I’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse!

Anyway, take a pipe at a few choice morsels from Strippers on my TV page.