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The Film To Little To Late by Ealing Studios filmed in London 29th June 2011

Frankie Oatway the British Actor just finished filming the production of  “To Little To Late “Playing the lead roll as Terry Moran a drug dealer from London who takes control of a group dealers. The film was shot in Ealing West London and will soon be released. Another great impact made by the new comer to the film world. Frankie’s natural ability and powerful stage presence is making a big impact .Producers and casting directors are now aware that Frankie means business .The Cockney makes it very clear that just by being his self  is making him progress the industry . The camera seems to like the look and the walk of this newcomer. Over the coming weeks  productions he has been involved in are going to be released for all to see.Youtube the film “Too Little To Late” To see behind the scenes stills and footage

“Frankie Oatway”

Frankie  Oatway The British actor will Interviewing the British and Commonwealth title holder Georgie Groves on the 19th June on British TV

General breakdown of history of the upton brothers and the clubs they thought for and are currently fighting for …..Along with these details will be some background relating to the trainers they spent time with and the likes of the Commonwealth and Lonsdale Title holder “Georgie Groves”….. The club that gave these group of boxers a chance and a steer in the right direction from as young as seven years old….. Was and is now considered to be one of the best boxing coaches in the British isles….. This man is a great friend of mine……. And has now made history in the sport by having produced not only an Olympic champion but now the Commonwealth and Lonsdale belt title holder “Georgie Groves” …..

The name of this man who runs in my mind one of the best training and coaching facilities in England is Micky Delaney .The club is the Dale Boxing or better known as the Dale Youth Boxing Club…… Micky Delaney has shown how a tiny little place with limited resources in the middle of one of the most run down and working class environments in Nottingdale in the centre of Nottinghill Central London like any London Borough a rough and ready place to be brought up in …….A place where i spent a lot of time as a kid  i decided to joined the Dale Youth ……And had a go at the sport of boxing myself  like all the local kids in the neighbourhood turned to this as a way of escaping the tough and hostile environment……. Especially for the working classes this area was no stranger to crime and villainy so when Micky took control of the Dale Youth he reached out to not only the young talent but invited the families too…. it was an instant family set up from the point Micky took it on the chin so to speak …By dedicating his own time energy and  some times his own money to prove to these kids that there was another root they could go down in life….. Without looking at the production line of crime on the streets of London…

I used to work with Micky for many years at  BBC TV in Shepherds Bush  we used to work the shows building sets in the studios in Wood lane……  But when everyone who went home to there families after work Micky wold spend his spare time looking after the kids in the way of nurturing the new talent as young as 5 years old….. From there this man  has produced without doubt one of the best boxing hopefuls this country has ever produced namely Georgie groves…. Along with Georgie’s success and again trained and spend time looking for hopefuls in the sport appeared a group of local kids  four brothers between the ages of at the time seven  to fourteen…. Who go by the names of Anthony being the youngest Sonny Pauly and the eldest James Upton…  A Group of dedicated boxers from Nottingdale along with there talent and being possible contenders for 2012 Olympics.. These group of boys were among many other kids that showed Micky how much in the way of determination along with big hearts will with any luck could be the new names to look out for in the sport….

This group of youngsters were initially trained and boxed for the dale youth who Micky took under his wing but also due to a location and family ties to east London had to relocate and this meant joining and leaving Micky’s nursery of great fighters…. Now the boys joined Dagenham Boxing Club again instantly had more trophy’s to add to the cabinets.And like Micky the club decided immediately that this group of boys had legs to make it in one of the toughest sports… Again the location issue resurfaced and like before had to move and again joined West Ham Boxing Club in East London instantly while there gained more recognition and like before now fount them selves boxing in one of London’s finest venues that being York Hall in Bethnal Green achievements included gold medals for all manor of bouts and all four brothers were now being taken very seriously. Being from London but the family roots and ties to Ireland there big dream came as no so surprise when they along with there father that the only way to go is to the top and take the boys to Ireland .And now there the boxing fraternity are now fully aware in Ireland how much potential this group of boys have now fighting for one of the best gyms in Ireland and one of the best managers in Ireland Gerry Story MBE. They fulfilled not only there dream but there fathers too and now box for the Ireland team….The proof is in the pudding as they say just look at the success story and how big an impact the likes of Georgie Groves has made on the world  if you like i would like to compare him… To the great Henry Cooper who not only conducts his self like a true gentleman but never forgot like the Upton brothers were there bread was buttered and the gratitude they give  to my good friend Micky Delany ……Please watch the televsed interview on the 19th June 2011 on  Youtube  produced by BBTV and hosted by myself Frankie Oatway

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The Guy Pierce Movie 33 Postcards first screening in Sydney was a sell out now released worldwide

Frankie Oatway The British Actor from London is now on the big screen in cinemas worldwide in the Guy Pierce Film “33 Postcards ” .The Movie has just been screened for the first time in Sydney Australia the trailer is available on Youtube now. And is now about to be releasedall over the world. The movie has had some great reviews and could even receive an award .Frankie plays a prison gaurd in the film where the lead actor Guy Pierce was faced with a confrontation in one of the scenes with the Powerful British actor. In a showdown in a Prison visiting room. Frankie shows just how powerful he is as an actor when he has to take control over an argument that breaks out between two prisoners Guy Pierce being one of them .The credits that  follow the end of the film clearley show what a great contribution and performance  Frankie gave to the film. And an opotunity to show the world what he can do. As an actor it put him  on the international Movie circuit this is only one of many productions that frankie has been selected for. Between the UK and the USA … The the film industry are taking a very big interest in the newcomer to show business. Where less than eighteen  months ago Frankie was a builder he also formaly worked at the BBC as a set builder  for many years . The new path and direction in his life has opened a whole new world. He was discovered while having a drink in a pub when he was approached by a casting director for a TV series called Underbelly

“Frankie Oatway”

Frankie Oatway the British actor has been selected to play the lead roll in a film called “Grandpa’s Last Stand”… Frankie plays  the roll of Stanley a typical Londoner. Filming starts the 22nd June on Location London, This story is about a man who has seen better times. He struggles with alcoholism and  decides take a back seat in life because of his bad luck. He seeks friendship with a character from Ireland they have there fair share of stories to tell one another. They meet up everyday to discus and moan about the world. A typical father son relationship develops between these two people. Stanley is ten years older than his new  drinking partner and tries to tell him how the world really works as they slowly get drunk .This film has some great comedy sketches and has all the earmarks of a success. The story developes where Stanley’s home life is far from perfect and along with being dictated by his wife and an old flea infested Mongrel dog. Who seems to be treated better than Stanley. So after he decides there’s only one thing for it. He goes on regular drinking sessions with his new found friend Sean. where everyday they meet up on a Park bench in London.This will be the first comedy Frankie has been selected for since he started acting. It will show how his typical London sense of hummer will shine through

The East End Of London The Film Roxanne by Mile End Films

Frankie Oatway the British actor has been selected to be auditioned for a Movie in London’s East End next week  for a  great production . The story is based on a Transvestite prostitutes based in The East End . This Movie is very similar to the Movie ‘Mona Lisa”….. Although it has some very funny moments in the script  it is also very sad at times.This story will show the connection between two people and how much they care for eachother. The script came to the attention of the producer who decided that this story should be told. The director of the film has spent a lot of time and effort to research and to show the public what really goes on in life today . The locations will mainly be in London on a council estate. The production is going to be shot at the end of June this year. This will be one of many projects Frankie is taking part in if sucsessful. The variation of his acting ability and versitility as an actor   not only this production but others too. The show has only just began for Frankie

The Theatre production Judgment at Nuremberg at the Tricycle Theatre London July 2011

Frankie Oatway

“Judgement At Nuremberg” Based on the Nazi  war crimes Trials  is now in pre production .  Frankie Oatway the British Actor has successfully landed  a part in this world renowned  production. Along with other projects that are also in pre production  Frankie has been selected for.Now having a very busy year. In this production he is  playing the part of an American soldier. The cast of the legal team include High court Judges and Lawyers come from the real British legal  system. Where they take part in the trials  this includes  sentencing. This production is going to be a sell out .Frankie is only one of very few real actors taking part. The rest of the cast are from every day life who are doing a great job of acting out these real characters. The director of this production is doing a fantastic job .And every member of the cast and crew are fully dedicated. To give a powerful and realistic  performance.  The reconstruction of this drama has been very carefully interpreted .The rehearsing is very demanding to create and  to portray the true events that took place down to fine detail. This event and public viewing will begin  in the first week in July newspapers and other publications will be taking a great interest in this brilliant production along with the media