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The Film The Ref to be filmed on location in Wales in the UK 29th 30th 31st July 2011

Frankie Oatway will be shaping up on the canvas next week ready for the big KO. He  has again been successfully selected for the lead roll in  the Film The Ref to be shot on location in Cardiff Wales in the UK on the 29th 30th and 31st July 2011. Based on a boxing  referees point of view of a fight between two well known boxers from Manchester. The producers and director have done as much research as possible. To get the film to look like a real boxing match. To be shot on a Red 1  camera .Frankie again was picked because of his accent and stage presence and life experience this film is going to be a big hit

The Film Gladstone Premier on the 26th July 2011 At the Phoenix Cinema

The British actor Frankie Oatway was on the big screen in the Movie Gladstone Premiered at the Phoenix Cinema . A film based on an MI5 special agent. Frankie Plays a powerful roll as Special Agent Hanks in this great story. Filmed on location in the North of England in Derby and Nottingham.A very powerful film  entered in some of the biggest film festivals. A showcase of work by writer and directed by James Peveral  available on DVD soon to be released 

The MovieThe Crack July 20th 2011Produced By The Works

Another great project produced by a great writer director Phil Visili called The Crack. will commence filming in North London based on a true story. The British actor Frankie Oatway has landed one of the lead rolls as a crooked Police officer. This film is going to be a great success not only for Frankie but for all the production.Selected for the his powerful stage presence and ability to bring some reality to the Film. Rehearsals and pre production has already started Phil Visili the producer has paid attention to every detail. The dialogue and actors he has used are people that associate with the characters. The potential for this film is endless Phil is a great writer and this is one of many productions he has in mind for Frankie

The Movie Roxanne Filmed on Location in Londons East End 2nd July 2011

Frankie Oatway the British actor was successfully selected to play the part of Georgie in the film Roxanne.Shot on location in London’s East End in a run down council estate .Frankie could not have felt more at home when he was told its going to be filmed in his former  hometown. The film is showing the connection between two people who fall in love under very unusual circumstances. Frankie Plays the one of the lead rolls as Georgie. A typical Londoner who new Roxy from old. A prostitute living it rough and being threatened by her clients .A very similar story to the film Mona Lisa played by Bob Hoskins  Georgie gives a way out of this dreadful situation and shows how much he cares for Roxy He gives her protection and a helping hand to get out of this life she leads. To be released soon .There is every chance this film will make a big impact in the film circuit

Come to see Titus on the Isle Of Wight at The Redtie Theatre 14th 16th July 2011

The Theatre production of “Titus” was a total success for Frankie Oatway playing the lead roll of “Titus” on The Isle of  Wight the  press reviews to be be released in the next week.A very powerful performance was needed from the Londoner to show what he could do. Given a standing ovation along with the rest of the cast. An outstanding performance was given by all. Held at the Redtie theatre for two nights and now to go on tour to the Londons West End starting with the Bloomsbury theatre then all over London and the UK the award winning  director  Joe Plumb put all his faith in the Londoner Frankie Oatway when he selected him to play Titus. A gamble that paid off .Now with Shakespeare to add to a list of performances .Although an adaptation was never the less something  that the Londoner never expected to be considered for. Now the future is getting brighter day by day. The opportunities are coming in thick and fast for Frankie.Over the coming days rehearsals are about to take place for a number of productions for theatre and film