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Frankie Oatway on Location for The film 24 weeks shooting 5th 6th 7th August 2011

The Trailor for the feature film 24 Weeks will be taking place from the 5th to the 7th August 2011.On location between Manchester and Burnley.This film is based on a couple struggling with life and the ups and downs in married life.They decide to have a baby and during the pregnancy things get very tough for the couple. Frankie has been selected to play the father by producer Alan Weeks .This trailer will be released in October 2011 showing the world what a great story this is.Alan has put so much effort into the production and researched the characters down to fine detail. Frankie from London will be working amongst some very talented people from the North of England. The Wrap party will be taking place this week end .The locations will include a local Hospital in Manchester and various housing estates in Burnley in the North of England.

Frankie Oatway the film The Crack 4th July 2011 rehearsal

Frankie Oatway will be busy rehearsing  for the film production The Crack on the 4th July 2011. Written and produced by Phil Visili. This story is based on some true events in Phil’s life.A book he recently wrote called Felt and Battened. it shows the tough times a builder from London faces not only in the business but private life. Frankie plays a powerful part of a corrupt police detective. Filmed on location in North London. Along with this production Phil is also going to cast Frankie for the Walter Tull story playing the part of a football coach. Again the Tull story is going to be a great production based on the life of Walter Tull a Black soldier fighting on the front line for his country. Not only was this man a hero but shows the pain he had to endure with racism in the British army during the first world war. Walter was an exceptional footballer and played for spurs football club .Frankie will be playing the part tottenham hot spur football coach Terry Warren to be shot early 2012

Frankie Oatway the film The Ref on 3rd 4th July 2011

Frankie Oatway was busy playing the main character as the The Ref in this brilliantly written script. Based on a boxing referees point of view towards one of the boxers who is facing various problems in life. Frankie plays the part of The Ref .This almost ghost like character who has the hand of god over the fighter. Filmed on Location in Cardiff  Wales.A community hall was transformed into a boxing arena along with a rent a crowd for spectators. The performance looked so real along with the set. Written and produced by a great talent Tom Green no doubt this man will be a name to look out for in the industry. One of many productions he is known for including The Worlds Tallest Man shown recently on Channel Four in the UK. The crew done an amazing job and the quality of this film is going to make a massive impact on the film circuit locally and internationally. This is a very similar story to the Film the Bouncer starring Ray Winston. And yet so much more powerful and dramatic .The story lines will show just how much talent Tom Green has to offer .Frankie was offered the part yet again for having just the right look and the cockney accent to go with it for this production. Frankie Oatway