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This is some behind the scenes footage of the new TV series Strippers Cars For Cash by National Geographic.In these videos is a family of boxers The Upton’s who kindly volunteered to take part in the episode.

I take a car door to Essex to a well known Boxing Gym although it was the most unlikely place to do a deal it made perfect sense for the comedy value alone.

The door was from a Volkswagen Golf that was only fit for the tip.The director of the show decided it would be hilarious if i took the door to a group of Boxers in there Gym as always i arrive uninvited while they were in the middle of one of there training sessions.

Out the blue in i walk in all dolled up like i was about to go to The Talk Of The Town there i was struggling with the door.I get to the Gym and like always i looked like i was as nutty as a fruit cake about as sensible as a chocolate fire guard if you like.

In i go and interrupt one of there training sessions immediately they looked in shock in the meantime the boys then decided to put me through my paces and asked me to hold one of the big punch bags while one of them punched the living daylights out of it-me

Finally i managed to sell the door and walk out with the money. This episode is called Hatch Back Heroes and will be aired very soon on all Nat Geo Channels

Hope you find  the videos entertaining



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This is a new TV series By National Graphic Channel Produced by Attaboy TV.. Frankie Oatway The dodgy 



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National Geographic .Strippers Cars For Cash.A new TV series about to be released 8th Oct 10pm .Behind 


Frankie Oatway

During the filming of National Geographic new TV series Strippers Cars For Cash I was sent all over the country. To try and find the right motors along with this i was sent out on the road to sell the parts that were Stripped off the cars to the punters.

It was very funny at times we couldn’t stop laughing it was a deliberate idea by the director to send me to the places throughout the country.Especially in The North of England and The West Country knowing my accent and the way i speak would be impossible to understand.

At times i couldn’t understand myself the various sales and unusual selling techniques i use while i go through the process of selling i have to admit i look at the punters and see how very confused they look while I’m talking. They have no idea what is about to happen and if anything nine times out of ten they don’t know weather to laugh or walk away.

Its all very light hearted and such a laugh we shake hands after every deal and even to this day we have connected as friends outside the production.

One sale was to take place at an old Airfield in The North Of England Warwickshire. Now i can understand anyone who lives outside Hammersmith Broadway let alone Warwickshire but that is exactly what they wanted to do to make it funny.

Even worse the punter was a geezer from Newcastle a Geordie his name is Frazer he has no idea what is about to happen. The location now being used as a race track for high speed Sports Cars and Motorbikes. There i was dressed to the nines in a black suit pink shirt about a hundred and twenty degrees

The director said (Right Frankie this is what i want you to do get into the white transit van  we will load the old engine and diff and you drive round the track and pull up to sell the parts to Frazer on the actual race track.I looked at himand thought he must be on the old Colombian marching powder or something. Anyway off i went

The cars and bikes were going ten to the dozen and scared the crap out of me wooosh then wooosh wooosh again.Onwards and upwards I drive round the track cars flying past like something out of Wacky Races.

There was old Jumbo Jets and Harrier Jump Jets parked up it was amazing to see but a bit scary my arse was hanging out like a red sock at times with the noise.

There i was now driving on the racetrack in my White Transit Van i couldn’t have looked more out of place if i wanted to.The crew and director arrived and parked and set up the cameras and waited for me to do the deal with Frazer.

I pull up jump out armed with a mouth full of Cola drops. Frazer is there i start talking Frazer never doing this kind of thing before just stands there in total silence.I thought oh dear im bang in trouble here. So i start talking and decide not to let Frazer get a word in edgways.

What Frazer didn’t realise is that is exactly what the director wanted it was hilarious the director and the crew were pissing themselves laughing while this sale was taking place.

All i can say is i must have looked like a mix between Alf Garnet Del Trotter and Ken Dodd on special K. Frazer didn’t realise just how very good he was in fact if it wasn’t for him this scene would not have been half as funny.Below is the clip hope you find it amusing












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This is some behind the scenes footage of a new TV series by TheNational Geographic Channel .Produced 

Frankie Oatway

Here is the link that will take you to the National Geographic Channels new TV series Strippers Cars For Cash online channel also below are more great shots and  one of many stills for the poster that were taken during filming the series of National Geographic Channels Strippers Cars For Cash.

The photography is excellent as you can see .These shots were taken during the film shoot of the trailer for the series an old warehouse in a breakers yard in South East London.The idea of the shoot was to use the the term Strippers to make an impact on the public and draw attention to the show a great idea it certainly worked.

Immediately it got the punters interested and the buzz around the series was brilliant even before it was aired.Once again the breakers yard was converted to a sort of Strip club with a massive car pit and a raised stage area if you like that allowed me to do the various scenes required for the filming .A group of extras were used and made to look like mechanics and even a young model dressed in clothing to look like it was a strip club. It was a big shoot and the production values speak for itself . Added to this post is the trailer for the series along with one of many posters and link to the Nat Geo Strippers website








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2 Oct 2012
INTERACT. MORE. Cash for Scrap. Launch promo for Strippers:Cars For Cash on National Geographic 

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Brand new StrippersCars For Cash Mondays at 10PM on National Geographic Channel. Join two teams of 

Frankie Oatway .Singing Getting Dirty With 3 Strippers

The song and ringtone called (Frankie Getting Dirty With 3 Strippers) is now available to purchase and download on ITunes .

I was recently approached by a music producer Dappo from Toaster Studios Cable street in London’s East End. We had lunch and decided a cockney Rap would be a great idea using the old school London accent phrases and slang’s revolved around the new National Geographic TV series Strippers Cars For Cash .

Dappo suggested i should maybe think about another direction singing would make a change and who knows a cult following would be great.This is one of many songs i will be doing over the coming weeks. Its great im looking forward to what comes out of this.Who knows a new career out the blue .

The way i speak would help rediscover the London accent i seem to be getting a following since i started the series Strippers from the UK and now all over Europe.

The language i speak is from the old school that is now become a dying lost language instead its now mixed up with a new age version of slang’s.

Dappo thought a good idea would be if i used phrases and words in the track i use everyday. It was such a good laugh my first time at this type of thing but once i got going it seemed to be easy

Dappo and the fellas at Toaster studios helped me through the process .Attaboy TV producers of the TV series Strippers came along to film me singing the track in the recording studio.Now in the process of post production the video will be released over the next few weeks. I think it will definitely be a club track its already about to be played on an American radio station next Wed 31st on the Paul Rohra Roaring Success Radio Hour on 5pm UK… 9am US MTN time.Also Paul and Anthony liked the track so much that they asked me if Dappo would kindly produce a Jingle for there show using the track . Please tune in and listen to the song and jingle Strippers Cars For Cash Radio jingle.For Castlerockradio .You never know it may get the birds up and dancing round there pension books .Please click on the link below now available on Itunes download and listen to the track and the ringtone for your phones   

Frankie Oatway

Strippers Cars For Cash is a new TV series by National Geographic it has now broad casted two episodes the first being Gangster Getaways the 2nd Fast and Furious this weeks new episode is called American Muscle all three shows will have some great content for the public over the coming weeks.I will  try and bring you up to speed with stories of the experiences and funny moments during the series.There are hundreds of photos and clips already out there.This series will be repeated over the coming months try not to miss it. 

Frankie Oatway .Strippers Cars For Cash TV series Episode 3 American Muscle 22nd Oct

Tonight on Nat Geo and Nat Geo+1 and Nat Geo HD Channels will be broadcasting Episode 3 American Muscle 22nd October 2012 this episode like so many has some very funny moments.if you’ve seen the trailers for the show you would have seen me with my head in my hands there is a perfectly good reason for this.

its got something to do with the car choice i made unfortunately it had to be done there was no other option.The only type of car we had available with the look and especially the condition was vital to create this episode there’s not to many Thunderbirds available in The UK. And you definitely wouldn’t send this one out to rescue someone. It looks like its been well and truly FABd Virgil.Brains must have done a disappearing act and went down the boozer when he clapped eyes on this car.

It left me to buy the motor from a farmer in the North of England and low and behold when the motor was revealed to me for the first time no one was more shocked than me.It had moss growing on it there was Foxes sleeping in it .The windscreen looked like it had been in a bad episode of Dukes of Hazad instead of diving through the side window to get in someone looked like they dived through the front one. It was rolled and the only thing that worked was the electric seat belts even they was on the blink.

There is some great scenes to this episode the car itself was at one point in its life a great car the engine is massive and it will be interesting to see who i sell it to on tonight’s show.

The seats have a great story to them the punter comes down from up north to meet  me at my office or should i say my command post. They arrive and look shocked at the state of my office and set up junk yards of all junk yards .They then try to explain to me how they make office furniture out of car seats.

Again the language barrier kicks in they think i sound like I’m talking Eskimo language with a London accent .What unfolds is like something out of Crossroads except I’m playing the part of Benny.The fellas try to explain and demonstrate how they put the frame and seats together. All i do is get in there way and make something simple look very complicated very funny. Its a must to watch photos and video will be posted here over the next few days hope you enjoy tonight’s show

Frankie Oatway National Geographic Strippers Cars For Cash TV series

The new TV series by National Geographic Channel .Strippers Cars For Cash. Is now being broadcast around the world on Nat Geo and Nat Geo+1. The series has been so much fun during the filming we never stopped laughing along with the crew.The series involves two teams one mechanic and one salesman.Each week both teams go head to head to see who makes the most profit out of second hand old clapped out prestige motors.

The motors that are bought are to show just how you can make money from what is generally known as scrap. Although at times the parts do generate more cash than expected in the time allowed. The time we get is limited up against the clock if you like. To buy strip and then sell the parts .The surprise comes at the end of every episode when each team has a final face off and unbeknown to them both lay there money on the table to disclose who has made the most profit

The show has allowed me to be myself  using phrases that need to be interpreted by someone with a great imagination. My knowledge of motors  is limited and at times i look like I’m on planet la la when listening to the technical  terms and jargon being used by the petrol heads.That is exactly what the producers wanted I play a souped up version of Del Trotter if you like. My buying and selling technique’s to the punters is what can only be described as being sucked up into a vortex of verbal diarrhea .The show is very light hearted and will grow in time to be very successful. The audience viewing figures are increasing by the day if not the biggest figures Nat Geo have had for some time. Below is some photos  from the show. Hope  you get a chance to watch this great new series

Frankie Oatway at Santa Pod with Togethia TV 26th 27th October 2012

Santa Pod Drag and Drift car racing circuit is one of the biggest in Europe Flame and Thunder. Friday the 26th and Saturday 27t October 2012 is going to be a great couple of days. I will be on the starting grid interviewing some of the biggest names in the business Including Ken Block  one of the worlds best .

Togethia  TV producer Peter Farrow is going to put me through my paces yet again has organised for me to drive a Drift car at high speed. Photos and videos of the event will be available on here next week.Below is an example of Peters great work .Hope you like it please follow the Youtube link.During the Nat Geo TV series Strippers Cars For Cash one of the cars i bought was a Subaru Impreza from Jap performance parts in Crawly. Saj  the owner of the company suggested it would be a good idea if he allowed me to be a passenger in one of his Drift cars and be driven and terrified by top class drift car racer Walton Smith .Well me being me it should be a piece of cake. Well he took off like S..T off a shovel i almost left myself behind when he started driving.There was smoke burning rubber. It was that fast .Driving sideways isn’t my game walking yes but driving no