Frankie Oatway

During the filming of National Geographic new TV series Strippers Cars For Cash I was sent all over the country. To try and find the right motors along with this i was sent out on the road to sell the parts that were Stripped off the cars to the punters.

It was very funny at times we couldn’t stop laughing it was a deliberate idea by the director to send me to the places throughout the country.Especially in The North of England and The West Country knowing my accent and the way i speak would be impossible to understand.

At times i couldn’t understand myself the various sales and unusual selling techniques i use while i go through the process of selling i have to admit i look at the punters and see how very confused they look while I’m talking. They have no idea what is about to happen and if anything nine times out of ten they don’t know weather to laugh or walk away.

Its all very light hearted and such a laugh we shake hands after every deal and even to this day we have connected as friends outside the production.

One sale was to take place at an old Airfield in The North Of England Warwickshire. Now i can understand anyone who lives outside Hammersmith Broadway let alone Warwickshire but that is exactly what they wanted to do to make it funny.

Even worse the punter was a geezer from Newcastle a Geordie his name is Frazer he has no idea what is about to happen. The location now being used as a race track for high speed Sports Cars and Motorbikes. There i was dressed to the nines in a black suit pink shirt about a hundred and twenty degrees

The director said (Right Frankie this is what i want you to do get into the white transit van  we will load the old engine and diff and you drive round the track and pull up to sell the parts to Frazer on the actual race track.I looked at himand thought he must be on the old Colombian marching powder or something. Anyway off i went

The cars and bikes were going ten to the dozen and scared the crap out of me wooosh then wooosh wooosh again.Onwards and upwards I drive round the track cars flying past like something out of Wacky Races.

There was old Jumbo Jets and Harrier Jump Jets parked up it was amazing to see but a bit scary my arse was hanging out like a red sock at times with the noise.

There i was now driving on the racetrack in my White Transit Van i couldn’t have looked more out of place if i wanted to.The crew and director arrived and parked and set up the cameras and waited for me to do the deal with Frazer.

I pull up jump out armed with a mouth full of Cola drops. Frazer is there i start talking Frazer never doing this kind of thing before just stands there in total silence.I thought oh dear im bang in trouble here. So i start talking and decide not to let Frazer get a word in edgways.

What Frazer didn’t realise is that is exactly what the director wanted it was hilarious the director and the crew were pissing themselves laughing while this sale was taking place.

All i can say is i must have looked like a mix between Alf Garnet Del Trotter and Ken Dodd on special K. Frazer didn’t realise just how very good he was in fact if it wasn’t for him this scene would not have been half as funny.Below is the clip hope you find it amusing












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This is some behind the scenes footage of a new TV series by TheNational Geographic Channel .Produced 

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