Frankie Oatway

This is some behind the scenes footage of the new TV series Strippers Cars For Cash by National Geographic.In these videos is a family of boxers The Upton’s who kindly volunteered to take part in the episode.

I take a car door to Essex to a well known Boxing Gym although it was the most unlikely place to do a deal it made perfect sense for the comedy value alone.

The door was from a Volkswagen Golf that was only fit for the tip.The director of the show decided it would be hilarious if i took the door to a group of Boxers in there Gym as always i arrive uninvited while they were in the middle of one of there training sessions.

Out the blue in i walk in all dolled up like i was about to go to The Talk Of The Town there i was struggling with the door.I get to the Gym and like always i looked like i was as nutty as a fruit cake about as sensible as a chocolate fire guard if you like.

In i go and interrupt one of there training sessions immediately they looked in shock in the meantime the boys then decided to put me through my paces and asked me to hold one of the big punch bags while one of them punched the living daylights out of it-me

Finally i managed to sell the door and walk out with the money. This episode is called Hatch Back Heroes and will be aired very soon on all Nat Geo Channels

Hope you find  the videos entertaining



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This is a new TV series By National Graphic Channel Produced by Attaboy TV.. Frankie Oatway The dodgy 



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National Geographic .Strippers Cars For Cash.A new TV series about to be released 8th Oct 10pm .Behind 


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