Frankie Oatway. Radio interview with Paul Neal Rohra and Anthony Musco Castle Rock Radio 31.10.2012

This is a interview i done recently with an American Radio Station The Paul Neal Rohra Radio Hour  and Anthony Musco from Castle Rock Radio in Colorado USA Hosted by Paul Rohra and Anthony Musco.Please click on this Link to listen to the show(Click here to view.and listen

The show took place 31st October 2012 .Paul and Anthony were talking to me regarding a new music track (Frankie Getting Dirty With 3 Strippers) And the new TV show Strippers Cars For Cash by National Geographic Channel.Here is the link so you can listen to the track and also the ringtone that is now available for download please click on the link below to listen and download

Paul and Anthony like always  have given me all the support and encouragement in the world from the very day i started acting i cant thank them enough. They also gave me a chance to talk about many subjects including new projects i will be involved in over the coming months.

A film The Ref screened at The San Josey Film Festival in Hollywood on the  19th October 2012 now awaiting for results and responses. Also we talk about the content of Strippers the comedy value the idea behind the show how its going.

And my part in the show and how i got the part and how it can inspire the young and old regarding how to make money out of scrap metal.We also talk about  the language and slang’s i use in my everyday life that are now having an impact and a following.

National Geographic Channel have created a Frankie Thesaurus link on there website they introduce the public into my way of speaking or terms i use that has a direct link to the London accent my own way of talking if you like. The youngsters and adults are finding it very funny and even repeating the phrases to me in the street.Below are the links to Pauls show and Nat Geo Frankies Thesaurus.I do hope you find it interesting and tune into and become regular listeners to Paul’s show


Frankie’s Thesaurus – Niagras – National Geographic Channel

23 Oct 2012 – Frankie’s Thesaurus from Strippers: Cars For Cash on National Geographic Channel.

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Click here to view. and listen to the interview and below the jingles  for the show on Castlrockradio (Strippers Cars For cash.Jingle For Castlerockradio) Strippers Cars For Cash Jingle For Castlerockradio

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