Frankie Oatway.(Strippers Actor) and Alan Barnes Actors Coach

Alan Barnes actor and Actors coach

Alan and i met 14 months ago when being cast and working on a commercial together in Germany’s capital Berlin .We were both invited to go along to an audition for a big commercial at the time we didn’t know each other at the audition and even after we were told we got the part.

It wasn’t until we were about to board the flight that we realised we were going to the same shoot in Berlin.I will never forget the first words that left Alan’s mouth he looked at the size of my suitcase and noticed how big and heavy it was and said (You planing on staying for a year) I laughed and said well know not really mate its just that i do tend to try and ware my own clothes as much as possible for any sort of filming if i get the choice you know what i mean) From there on over the course of the next few days Alan and i became very close friends

The commercial was a German production and extremley proffessional and a German director you can imagine the laughes we had doing this.The set up was we were builders on a German building site about to order our lunch me being the largest of the gang .We are all in a Portacabin sitting round a table.

Im looking at everyone opening there lunch boxes and they start looking at me sitting there with nothing.All of a sudden the door flies open and in walks a Sushi delivery fella he shouts out (Who ordered to Sushi.)

The others were supposed to look supprised when my hand goes up and say yes its mine in German .Well they done about 12 takes and by the time i finnished i was about two stone heavier.What made it worse i had to say it in German it gets worse the director said in a typicle German accent.(You will eat zaa pizza Frankie and zen look at zee others and startz a laughing)

Well we all looked at eachother and pissed our selves it was a bad version of The Great Escape very funny. After finishing the commercial that day we all went to a beer festival and had a great time the commercial is about to be released over the coming weeks.

From that week onwards Alan and i are now best friends at the time i was about to take part in several productions although very new to the industry Alan took time to look at some of the work i was doing .One was a Theatre production he imediatly offered to help me get into shape to perform for the project.

Like always good to his word Alan worked with me like no one i know Alan didnt let on but he is an excellent acting coach and put me through my paces.I was playing the lead part in the show so the part was very demanding. To this day without Alan i would never got through it.

Alan was an english teacher in his early years and that along with his ability to coach was a dream come true in my mind the best in the game at coaching actors .If i was to give anyone some advice who wants some guidence and from a proffesional this man will do the business .And give you all the tools you need to get you ready for either an audition or for film TV or Theatre

To this day i know my success would have been very different if i never met Alan the name of his set up is called BU think about it  simple really.Please feel free to take a look at the clip below and take time to make a note of his mobile number along with IMBD links.

Alan  is very modest anyone that really knows this man will know he doesnt blow his own trumpet. When one day he out the blue he told me he worked reguler on BBCs Eastenders ITVs The Bill and endless other tv productions to many to name .

In fact it was Alan who played Bent Old Bill in the episode in Eastenders who nicked Dirty Den.A record audience was recorded for viewing figures and Alan was right in the middle of it.

Along with this he played a reguler part in The West End hit The Graduate with Kathleen Turner and Jerry Hall .The storys Alan has to tell are brilliant and you will be hearing many more of them on here over the coming years .

Alan run his own Theatre company and made his mark in the industry for over twenty years he has to many credits to mention but one West End producer by the name of Terry Johnson cast Alan in the TV production of COR BLIMEY the story of Barbera windsor and Sid James relationship.

Yet another great body of work by the dark horse Alan Barnes his work speaks volumes. Below is another typical exapmple of how Alan is so very versitle.Last year i was cast to play a corrupt Police Detevtive in a film by Phil Visili .Called The Crack i told Alan about the film and asked him if he would be interested in coming along for the day.

Low and behold Alan turned up i suggested to Phil it would be blinding if Alan could play one of the parts in the film. That very day Alan took part and nailed it like always. Please take time to look at the video clip below. Hope you enjoy it and find Alans story interesting feel free to contact Alan for advice and your coaching needs


The Crack – Trailer – YouTube…Share

18 Nov 2011 – 2 min – Uploaded by thecrackfilm
A trailer of the film The Crack written and directed by Phil Vasili. Uploaded by thecrackfilm on Nov 18 

IMBD movie data base for Alan Barnes British actor please take time to look at the list of Film and TV Credits

Alans Mobile number  UK 07785917429 for Acting Coaching needs(BU)


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