Simon Griffiths Webxopt .Master of The Web

Since this website has been constructed there have been many comments made of how very good it has been put together.There is only one man responsible for this and that is Simon Griffiths.Simon and i met while i was living in Australia i was introduced to him via a mutual friend.Even better he was English from The North of England and left the UK a few years ago like me to start a new life in Australia.

From the very first day we met i new he was a decent man and extremely talented and highly educated we not only became great friends Simon wanted to talk to me about promoting me as an actor.To help this happen he wanted to construct a website .I was living in paradise a place called Briby Island in Northern Queensland Australia. And just at that time i fell into the world of acting or just starting out.

Over the coming weeks Simon started to work hard on the website he also used hes skills to help market me.He worked untold hours along with endless determination to help me get noticed. Simon stayed true to his word and made every effort to make this happen from that very day he wanted to design a website that had all the tools needed to make it happen.

We talked and like he is so very good at listened to what i was thinking of in the way of how its pages should be made up .Simon came back within no time and showed me what he had made i was blown away and lost for words.From the front page you can see it looks very old and grainy it was a deliberate move to give the look  of old London.

Along with this Simon constructed and designed all the links to Facebook Twitter Youtube and Flicka along with every other social network to help drive one site through another a very clever move by Simon. The gadgets and imagination he used to bring this site into the public eye is no ones business.

I believe Simon is probably one of the very best in the game you couldn’t meet a nicer man and someone that talks to you before he decides on a plan of action to market your product in this case it was me a very unusual direction for Simon. I needed all the help in the world and meeting Simon was such a stroke of luck I’m blessed to have this man right by my side.Please take time to look at the way this site has been designed and please feel free to contact Simon to get more information on how he managed to  create a work of art Simon’s website is: .He will create a website like no one i know and market your product so the the whole world knows your here




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