Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Frankie Oatway and I’m from London. And welcome to my websites I hope over the coming months that you will learn a bit about me and my life. And the new journey in my career as an actor i hope you find something you can relate to something that you may have experienced of smiler circumstances. This is not about anything but me trying to let people know that when the times get tough and you think with all the odds against you .And your upbringing not being the most educational i hope this shows that you can still create your own luck and with a lot of determination and drive you can achieve almost anything.

I hope this story may inspire the young and old in what ever your circumstances i hope it will allow you to find something useful and maybe something you can relate to god bless you all and i hope you enjoy my life journey. I was born in London in what i believe was one of the best years ever lol 1961. il begin this BIO with a bit of insight into my families life and the struggles they had along with many other families and people during those tough times in London

Starting with my dad. He was one of three brothers who were a legend in there own right the old schol. My Dad was the  boxer in his younger years whether it be fighting for the army or the boxing clubs in London. My dad Had won the army championships and boxed for some of the best clubs in London. The life that followed my dad into his later years is what i can only describe as a time of survival the family of brothers careers went from one extreme to another for example. My dad Georgie was a man of his word and would stand up for anyone .And being a respected name in London’s fraternity of villains his life was tough from the get go. He was the brother everyone looked up to and was prepared to confront any problem that was heading in his business or family’s direction..

The city he was born in was no joyride. His father was a tough guy and would tolerate no nonsense he along with my dads brothers relied on my dad  heavily. And he paid the price of a hard life and as i see it he was born into a family of very limited choices. Circumstances he was faced with gave him no alternative but to try and handle the hard unforgiving times ahead of him

I had parents that were slightly older than the average mother and father. As i remember wondering why my Friends mums and dads looked a lot younger than mine although this felt a bit strange at the time. I laugh about it now for example certain things were becoming noticeable even the way i talk to this day is the old school of London. The terms i use are almost not used any more i use a lot of old sayings and slang’s. Because i heard my mum and dad use the same sayings. Especially my dad.  I’m not the slightest bit bothered about my accent in fact I’m very proud of it as it was the way i talk. and just the simple things even how i walk . That got me noticed as an actor

As a young child i was no different from the average kid on the streets the only difference being i don’t remember having any boundaries. i was almost left to my own devices as young as 9 years old. i would be playing  in the streets till the early hours of the morning wondering as far as the West End of London at all hours of the night. i was fascinated by the lights and the big buildings i saw it as an adventure. I look back and i now realise how dangerous that was in those days. Again i was just very lucky i never came to any harm i also realised i had almost an instant big family. That consisted of half brothers and sisters  . Along with my real brother and sister although my step family were old enough to be my mum and dad. Even there children were older than me so i was constantly refereed to as uncle Frankie for a laugh.

Our family name was known all over London because of my dad and brothers and there kids . Although this could be a good thing if i was ever in trouble or someone trying to take a liberty .it can also be a problem in many ways.growing up i found that i didn’t really relate to my family.I was always trying to break away from that side. And wanted to try and achieve. Sport was such a good thing for me it was where i channeled all my energy all be it i was only about 4 stone in weight ringing wet lol.  Although i have no photos of me as a child the one i had of me at school looked like i constantly needed a good feed lol And yet my mum gave me the best of food she could afford stews and so on. I miss her more than words can say. A Massive void has been left in my life when my mum passed away. A lady who would give you her pockets and losing my mum has had a massive impact on my life  i miss her  terribly. She passed away six years ago. i soon realised that when i was getting older around the age of twelve or so i was not getting anywhere at school in fact i didn’t actually know what school was all about. I seemed to just turn up and sit in the class smiling but little did i know the other kids were getting stuck into there book work and they all seemed to understand exactly what the teacher was talking about.

I used to sit there thinking i hope she doesn’t ask me anything because i didn’t know anything. all i knew was how to play in the streets old Bomb sites old clapped out cars old Warehouses climbing on rooftops . i used to make a camp and  finding stray dogs and injured pigeons and trying to help and feed them. I was in my own little world. I felt i didn’t need school i new i could survive on the streets and that made me different. i was afraid of nothing even at 9 years old the nearest thing at this point in my life that i could relate  to any form of acting was a lot of the films and TV series were being filmed where i lived in London and sometimes they asked the kids in the streets to be in the background kicking a football or just walking in the background i done this  for a bit of fun. They  filmed the Sweeney” Step Toe And Son” Minder” Qaudraphenia” and many more .I along with other kids were exactly what they were looking for.if they needed us that was the nearest thing to acting at that point in my life. And because i was always out playing id always find out where they were filming. in fact they filmed the well known Film “Steptoe and son” At my dads brothers stables in Shepperd’s Bush my dad and his brothers had several stables and bought and sold old scrap metal and the term for these men used was “Tottors” or” Rag and Bone Men” So in the film they used my dads mates as they were all Tottors  and they would be on the streets shouting” Old iron Lumber “lol i loved  watching the Tottors and feeding there horses. And then following them on there journey .The first i realised i was going to have problems in education was when someone in my class knew i couldn’t read or write and by shouting out to the whole class Frankie cant read or write was one of the worst feelings i ever had in my life. It wasn’t that i didn’t want to do it was because i just didn’t have someone tell me it was so important and sit down and explain things to me. I had so many problems at school my confidence was taking one blow after another. Although i was as fit as a fiddle i couldn’t write and i became so frustrated. it made me feel like i couldn’t trust to tell anyone about it . Being totally illiterate was one thing and then finding out  i was dyslexic again it just made things a whole lot worse for me. I was constantly shouted at by the teachers .They just never understood the problems i was having not only at school but at home too .So just for kicks the teachers used to make me stand in front of the class and ask me  deliberate questions that they new i had no idea what they was asking me. So my only memories of school in the only word i can describe was being terrified from the minuet i entered the class .

However this problem of illiteracy never left me it followed me into my teenage years again i would avoid writing or having to sign my name over many years. Until i learned and tried to understand things a bit clearer .I joined the army the Parachute Regiment i loved my new life and even better i was now learning how to educate myself. I was able to get all the frustration out in the open and the physical side was something i loved. So i became a physical training instructor and specialised in small arms weapons and realised i was now teaching others and instruction. I was so keen i wanted to test my self to the limit so i applied for  attachments to other specialised units. i done over a hundred parachute descents and various fully operational exercises. So when i left and on recommendation i got offered close protection work  or body guard for various VIPS very important people. Including prince fahad and his family any many others this included driving at high speed all over London and the UK and protecting them and there family’s  from any direct threat .Again i enjoyed the challenge and the danger but  i wanted to try a new direction in my life at this point

So  i decided to settle down and have a family i wanted to find a steady new career so i got a job at the BBC where i became a set builder i worked on most if not all the light entertainment shows these included “Generation Game” Top of The Pops” “The Two Ronnie’s” Allow Allow ” In Sickness And Health ” Only Fools And Horses “Open All Hours “And many more i was awarded designers merits for my work in the studios at television centre and all the west London BBC studios. While working at the BBC i decided to start a business during the day as i was working permanent nights so during the day i became a builder. After serving an apprenticeship as a bricklayer at the “West London building College” in lime grove. i not only qualified i passed with a distinction. I now realised i was able to be as confident as the next person. I could read drawings and i specialised in extensions conversions and refurbishments there was nothing i couldn’t build. So along with my job at the BBC at night i had my business in the day i managed to make a very good living and eventually invest in land and property. I had a great future in front of me i was well on my way to say i completed what i set out to do. And that was  to prove to my self that with some difficult hurdles i had overcome and i finally made it .I decided to give myself a chance a new start in another country. So i got my visa to immigrate to Australia so off i went never to look back at London ever again .

I landed in Australia and thought to myself what shall i do or more important what would i like to do as a new career. At this stage in my life i was now nearly 48 so after several weeks just looking round and enjoying myself. Inside i felt terribly homesick for the first time in my life… i soon realised how far away from London and the rest of the world and even more important my kids and grandchildren i was. So one night i went out for a drink in Sydney while in the pub out of the blue little did i know that someone was listening to me speak and watching me going back and fourth to the toilet. After returning to the bar a man tapped me on the shoulder and said i was listening to you speak and i have to say i wondered if you ever thought of doing some acting. i thought he was just having  a laugh but he was serious and continued to offer me his card and he took my number. He said he will call me before Monday morning and good to his word he called me he asked me to go along to a  casting on Monday morning and introduce myself so off i went thinking well iv got two choices i either don’t bother going or i go along and like everything in my life give it my best shot.

I arrived at the casting school in Sydney and little did i know that the place was going to be packed solid. As i walked in you could here a pin drop i heard all the comments from what looked like to me a lot of actors who were praying they were going to get this big job they were auditioning for. I was stared at and the questions came thick and fast .So who are you…. And what are you doing here….. From some of the actors women and men seemed like i was a threat or something. Because i couldn’t answer there questions. i had no training i was just picked from fresh air in the right place at the right time.  I just didn’t know what to expect so my only answer to them was i was asked by someone in a pub if id like to do some acting.  That went down like a lead balloon. They didn’t believe me and some started laughing at me. And comments followed for example what chance do you think you have. I would go home if i was you you’ve got no chance. This was the first time iv ever witnessed jealousy in the industry which is sad

Going back to the audition .At this point a lady called Jacky quilter a drama teacher from London living in Australia for many years called out my name. Frankie can you come in your next. in i went and when i shut the door Jackie said OK Frankie what have you got. i said I’m sorry i don’t know what you mean .So she said you must have something or you wouldn’t be here. i said look i have to be honest i was having a drink in a pub last night and a fella approached me and asked me if i would like to do some acting. So i agreed he asked me to come along here so here i am. She said and you don’t know his name .i said i think he said it was Grant. She laughed and said ok have you got anything you can read as a monologue. i said well i worked for the BBC for many years and one show in particular “Only Fools And Horses” i worked on week in week out. So she said do you know anything from  that show to read to me today . I said as it happens i do i said theres a piece i know when the grandad died at the Wake. She said OK great lets see how you get on. After the audition Jackie looked over her half moon glasses and said Frankie have you ever acted before. i said no she said you must have. i said i promise i haven’t .She said well i have to say you have natural talent the camera seems love you. You have a great future as an actor. i said thank you and as i left to go home i was walking up the road and my phone rang. it was the casting director and he said congratulation Frankie you have got a part on Underbelly”. i said OK thanks but it never dawned on me how much impact me being on the show would have in my life. i was unaware of how big the show was i called my cousin and i told him he didn’t believe  me. Until he see a photo of me in the newspapers. from that point on the newspapers and radio stations wanted to write about me and interview me. Regarding how did this ex builder from London fresh off the boat a now comparing me between a mix between Bob Hoskins and Ray Winston manage to get on the show. The biggest production in Australian history Underbelly’.My cousin Ray who has lived in Queensland Australia for many years. Asked me if id like to help out and be the MC for the day at his club in New Farm for a Charity called “Beyond Blue” i was so happy to have been asked. And i along with the generosity from the public and especially Ray Hugh’s help raise over 1300 dollars that day. Without the kindness and help of Ray and his friends i would never have managed to keep going in this industry he has constantly told me to keep going. He has been nothing but the best.  From this point on my life changed. i was getting noticed by another Network channel  7. Asked me to  play a Mafia boss in a series called Gangs Of Auz”that went great . And then i got cast for the film Narnia although i got the part on Narnia. it clashed with Underbelly so i decided to stay with Underbelly. After i finished i was asked to go to Sydney for another film called “Mei Mei” its now changed the title to “33 Postcards” starring Guy Pierce and they wanted me to play a nasty prison  guard .Again i went to the audition and out of a lot of competition they again  picked me. And it was a talking part where i put the fear of god into Guy in the prison. i then see my name on the credits and its going to be premiered this year world wide. there is so much  to tell so please go to my site please feel free to visit the site or Flicka

From that point onwards i was now getting noticed even more. But now it was coming from overseas the USA from there things are just getting bigger and better .I was asked to meet 2 producers from the USA George Flynn and Brad Wilson asking me if id like to be involved in the series of films called Father Harrigan. They want me to play one of the investigators in the series. The films are a mixture between the real Men In Black” and the X Files” production starts Aug 2011 .iv also worked with one of the biggest names in the business for example John Barrymore Drew’s brother. John and i have a great friendship and have worked on some powerful scenes together.I’m Happy with the way things are turning out but again out of the blue the next thing i new was getting a lot of attention from London. Where the offers are getting better by the week iv just started to get noticed now  iv been auditioned for the BBC for some of the top productions in the country in the last couple of weeks I have done various music videos where i act and the music composed by people in NYC. and London Which will soon  be marketed worldwide. There is a bright future ahead of me and I’m looking forward to my new life change in my new career as an actor

I want to thank everyone  for your time and kind comments also from Newspapers to the radio shows that have helped me every step of the way and more importantly the general public for your interest

god bless and thank you for  taking time to visiting my websites