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Simon Griffiths Webxopt .Master of The Web

Since this website has been constructed there have been many comments made of how very good it has been put together.There is only one man responsible for this and that is Simon Griffiths.Simon and i met while i was living in Australia i was introduced to him via a mutual friend.Even better he was English from The North of England and left the UK a few years ago like me to start a new life in Australia.

From the very first day we met i new he was a decent man and extremely talented and highly educated we not only became great friends Simon wanted to talk to me about promoting me as an actor.To help this happen he wanted to construct a website .I was living in paradise a place called Briby Island in Northern Queensland Australia. And just at that time i fell into the world of acting or just starting out.

Over the coming weeks Simon started to work hard on the website he also used hes skills to help market me.He worked untold hours along with endless determination to help me get noticed. Simon stayed true to his word and made every effort to make this happen from that very day he wanted to design a website that had all the tools needed to make it happen.

We talked and like he is so very good at listened to what i was thinking of in the way of how its pages should be made up .Simon came back within no time and showed me what he had made i was blown away and lost for words.From the front page you can see it looks very old and grainy it was a deliberate move to give the look  of old London.

Along with this Simon constructed and designed all the links to Facebook Twitter Youtube and Flicka along with every other social network to help drive one site through another a very clever move by Simon. The gadgets and imagination he used to bring this site into the public eye is no ones business.

I believe Simon is probably one of the very best in the game you couldn’t meet a nicer man and someone that talks to you before he decides on a plan of action to market your product in this case it was me a very unusual direction for Simon. I needed all the help in the world and meeting Simon was such a stroke of luck I’m blessed to have this man right by my side.Please take time to look at the way this site has been designed and please feel free to contact Simon to get more information on how he managed to  create a work of art Simon’s website is: .He will create a website like no one i know and market your product so the the whole world knows your here




Frankie Oatway

Strippers Cars For Cash is a new TV series by National Geographic it has now broad casted two episodes the first being Gangster Getaways the 2nd Fast and Furious this weeks new episode is called American Muscle all three shows will have some great content for the public over the coming weeks.I will  try and bring you up to speed with stories of the experiences and funny moments during the series.There are hundreds of photos and clips already out there.This series will be repeated over the coming months try not to miss it. 

Frankie Oatway .Strippers Cars For Cash TV series Episode 3 American Muscle 22nd Oct

Tonight on Nat Geo and Nat Geo+1 and Nat Geo HD Channels will be broadcasting Episode 3 American Muscle 22nd October 2012 this episode like so many has some very funny moments.if you’ve seen the trailers for the show you would have seen me with my head in my hands there is a perfectly good reason for this.

its got something to do with the car choice i made unfortunately it had to be done there was no other option.The only type of car we had available with the look and especially the condition was vital to create this episode there’s not to many Thunderbirds available in The UK. And you definitely wouldn’t send this one out to rescue someone. It looks like its been well and truly FABd Virgil.Brains must have done a disappearing act and went down the boozer when he clapped eyes on this car.

It left me to buy the motor from a farmer in the North of England and low and behold when the motor was revealed to me for the first time no one was more shocked than me.It had moss growing on it there was Foxes sleeping in it .The windscreen looked like it had been in a bad episode of Dukes of Hazad instead of diving through the side window to get in someone looked like they dived through the front one. It was rolled and the only thing that worked was the electric seat belts even they was on the blink.

There is some great scenes to this episode the car itself was at one point in its life a great car the engine is massive and it will be interesting to see who i sell it to on tonight’s show.

The seats have a great story to them the punter comes down from up north to meet  me at my office or should i say my command post. They arrive and look shocked at the state of my office and set up junk yards of all junk yards .They then try to explain to me how they make office furniture out of car seats.

Again the language barrier kicks in they think i sound like I’m talking Eskimo language with a London accent .What unfolds is like something out of Crossroads except I’m playing the part of Benny.The fellas try to explain and demonstrate how they put the frame and seats together. All i do is get in there way and make something simple look very complicated very funny. Its a must to watch photos and video will be posted here over the next few days hope you enjoy tonight’s show

Frankie Oatway National Geographic Strippers Cars For Cash TV series

The new TV series by National Geographic Channel .Strippers Cars For Cash. Is now being broadcast around the world on Nat Geo and Nat Geo+1. The series has been so much fun during the filming we never stopped laughing along with the crew.The series involves two teams one mechanic and one salesman.Each week both teams go head to head to see who makes the most profit out of second hand old clapped out prestige motors.

The motors that are bought are to show just how you can make money from what is generally known as scrap. Although at times the parts do generate more cash than expected in the time allowed. The time we get is limited up against the clock if you like. To buy strip and then sell the parts .The surprise comes at the end of every episode when each team has a final face off and unbeknown to them both lay there money on the table to disclose who has made the most profit

The show has allowed me to be myself  using phrases that need to be interpreted by someone with a great imagination. My knowledge of motors  is limited and at times i look like I’m on planet la la when listening to the technical  terms and jargon being used by the petrol heads.That is exactly what the producers wanted I play a souped up version of Del Trotter if you like. My buying and selling technique’s to the punters is what can only be described as being sucked up into a vortex of verbal diarrhea .The show is very light hearted and will grow in time to be very successful. The audience viewing figures are increasing by the day if not the biggest figures Nat Geo have had for some time. Below is some photos  from the show. Hope  you get a chance to watch this great new series

Strippers: Cars for Cash

I’ve been working very hard over the last year or so on a new TV show that is about to start airing.

Strippers: Cars for Cash is getting a Worldwide launch on National Geographic in the next month or so.

Show Synopsis

Strippers: Cars for Cash Promo ImageTwo teams of car dismantlers are put head-to-head to hunt down cars to buy, break up and sell the parts. They have to be first to the bargains and sell like crazy to make a profit.

The first part of their challenge is to track down the best scrappers for breaking, which is always a risk since they won’t quite know what they’ve got until they get the cars back to the yard.

Once they start breaking the car down, they carefully choose what to concentrate their efforts on. When all that is left is scrap, it’s time for the crusher.

With the car stripped they count up the cash back at base to reveal how much they’ve earned on each car and see which team has made the most profit by turning a car to straight cash.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

John Barrymore’s Kind Words About Me

I thought I’d post up this testimonial John Barrymore wrote about me. He’s a great guy and I really appreciate the time it took him to do this for me.

I’ve been around show business all of my life. My parents were both working actors. Hell, my family’s been in the business for two hundred years. I’ve even got a kid sister who’s a bona fide movie star.

These days I teach acting and speech. Let me rephrase that to say I run an acting class. I’m the first one to admit that I can’t teach anyone how to act. Neither can anyone else, I’m just willing to admit it.

I audited classes at the Actors Studio in New York back when Lee Strasberg was teaching. I saw a lot of angst, but for my money ‘The Method’ is the worst of all the various theories of acting that are heaped upon the unwitting beginner. At least at the Royal Academy the actor learns how to speak and how to control her body, two very useful and entirely necessary skills.

As to the psychological aspects of the craft, that’s for the actor to discover on his own. No one can teach it, though many can stifle it and can prevent the nascent actor from discovering it. That’s what most acting teachers do, at least here in Hollywood.

Any individual is just that: individual, unique, and the discovery of the craft of make believe (or rather re-discovery, for we all were adept at it as children) is a unique path for each of us. There is no method, no one-size-fits-all technique or secret. Going to an acting teacher to learn how to act is as futile as going to a priest to find God. All you will get in return is useless dogma. But just as an acting coach, or a director can stifle an actor’s discovery of his own technique, likewise that coach, or that director can establish a working environment conducive to the discovery process. That’s what I try to do in my own classes.

Meanwhile I can teach them the tricks, and there are many, many tricks and techniques of film or stage acting that every experienced actor has figured out or learned from those that went before. Not the least of these is how to speak and how to stand. For the things an actor needs that can be taught are good speech, dexterity of movement and awareness of one’s body. The rest is immaterial, ethereal if you will.

No one, no authority can predict with any degree of accuracy who will or will not be able to discover their own process. One need look no farther than to Jack Nicholson’s early work in such Roger Corman classics as “The Raven” with Vincent Price. Nicholson was not merely bad, he was abominably bad, he looks completely lost. Yet Nicholson became an astoundingly good actor. Thankfully he persevered, no authority figure convinced him to find another line of work.

Conversely, there are those for whom the craft of acting is second nature; they step on stage or in front of a camera for the first time and it’s as if they’ve been doing it all their lives.  When I met Frankie Oatway he struck me as such an individual.

These are the lucky ones; perhaps they learned the craft in the course of their ‘straight’ careers as auto or insurance salesmen, or sometimes, as in Frankie’s case, it’s the sheer size of their personality; it’s too big for real life, only film or stage can comfortably house a personality of such dimension.

Frankie’s got a terrific career ahead of him playing tough guys, heroes and villains alike. Like many who inhabit that niche of the dramatic arts, Frankie’s a pussycat, a gentle giant with a heart of gold. But when he turns on the menace it’s as scary and as natural as any earthquake or hurricane.

What can I say? That’s a great rap from some so established in the acting industry. Thanks John.

For anyone who’s interested in John’s acting school, and there should be many, please see the details below.

John Barrymore Class Flyer